Leah Messer Calls Out Jeremy Calvert for Neglecting Daughter Adalynn

The early preview clips for next week's Teen Mom 2 finale are here, and if these sneak peeks are any indication, it's going to be a doozy. In Monday's episode, Leah slams Jeremy Calvert for ditching Addie to take care of his girlfriend's kid -- as if she hadn't been dealing with enough parenting drama lately! 


In the clip, Leah and her friends are grilling hot dogs when she gets a text from Jeremy that makes her do a double take. As she tells her sister, Victoria, apparently, he had to leave Addie at his mom's so he could go pick up Brooke Wehr's daughter. This is not good news for Leah, who seems pretty upset at the situation.

"She already doesn't get to see her sisters again until Thursday," Leah says. "So that's not fair. He needs to stop worrying about someone else's child and worry about his own." 

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Another reason she's upset: Jeremy spends a lot more time with Brooke's daughter during the week than he does with Addie. Now, he's choosing to cut his time with her short, and thinking about it brings Leah to tears.

"That's what breaks my heart for this kid!" she says, crying.

Aww, poor Leah! And poor Addie, too -- we're sure she misses her dad, and this doesn't help. We can't blame Leah for being upset, especially since she's missing time with Addie for Jeremy to drop her off at his mom's instead.

Sigh. One of these days, Leah and her baby daddies are going to get this right. Fingers crossed the co-parenting thing eventually clicks with them. Their daughters deserve it! 


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