Jenelle Evans Tells the World Exactly How Much She Weighs

As much as it stinks for her, Jenelle Evans's weight has been a major topic of conversation among Teen Mom fans lately. Is she pregnant? Why is she gaining weight? And even though Jenelle's been open about it, now, she's giving us the real facts. On Wednesday, Jenelle revealed her exact weight on Twitter


In response to a fan who asked her, Jenelle gave a straight answer. These days, Jenelle weighs 123 pounds, simple as that. She said: 

There you have it, folks -- the truth, according to Jenelle, anyway. And if you ask us, she's still looking great for a busy mom who claims to have stopped hitting the gym as frequently as she once did.

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Plus, thanks to her recent bikini pics on Instagram, it seems like she really isn't pregnant after all. Just putting on those extra happy relationship pounds like she's said a hundred times before, and we're happy for her. She deserves a healthy relationship! 

And now that she's answered the question, maybe we can give Jenelle a break from all the weight talk? This girl has enough on her plate without it! 


Image via j_evans1219/Instagram

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