Chris Soules Comes Clean About Whether He's Dating Amanda Stanton

We've been waiting and waiting to see Chris Soules in a relationship again, and it seemed like it was finally happening when rumors surfaced saying that Chris was seen with Bachelor castoff Amanda Stanton. But Chris recently addressed the rumors he's dating Amanda, and if you were rooting for these two, prepare to be disappointed! 


Yep, despite the fact that they were looking pretty chummy at Wango Tango earlier this month, the rumors are just not true. In an interview with Reality TV World, not only did Chris reveal that he's still a single man, but he also confirmed that he and Amanda are just friends. 

The former Bachelor told the site: 

I am single ... I was there alone and she was there with her friends. I was there with my friends. We spoke briefly, but we're just friends. That's the way I would refer to it; there is nothing going on.

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And although Chris admits that Amanda is a "great girl," they just don't know each other enough for him to consider dating her, and they haven't really spent that much time together so far. 

He added: 

It's just that there's nothing there. So, yeah, I really don't know where she's at in life or where she's even living. I mean, I'm assuming she's back at home, but we just met and had fun. I took a simple Snapchat of us and she was in it, that's it.

Sorry, everyone -- we're just as bummed as you are. Chris and Amanda would have been adorable together, and that guy has to start dating again sometime! It's been a year since he broke things off with Whitney Bischoff, and it's about time he got back on that horse again! 


Image via souleschris/Instagram

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