'Bachelorette' Winner Josh Murray Has More Skeletons in His Closet Than We Thought

It's official: 2016 may just not be Josh Murray's year. After Andi Dorfman accused him of emotionally abusing her in her new book, It's Not Okay, a dark secret from his past has surfaced. Josh was arrested in 2008 for disorderly conduct, and it sounds like he's had a history of a hot temper.


According to a police report obtained by Radar Online, the arrest took place in February 2008, when Josh had had a loud reaction to something that happened in the parking lot he was in. The report says: 

The defendant was asked several times to disperse after he had caused a disturbance initially in the parking lot. The defendants all were cursing and screaming, causing a breach of the peace.

From there, Josh was asked to leave, but he didn't, so he was arrested ... and when he went to court, he was not prosecuted.

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Yikes! We wonder if Andi knew about this before she made Josh her final pick on The Bachelorette? We have a feeling she might not have. To us, it sounds like it's a good thing she managed to get out of that relationship when she did. It sounds pretty scary -- especially with this new info! 

By all social media accounts, it sounds like Josh is none too pleased with the way he's been portrayed in Andi's book, but maybe this will be a wake-up call for him. If he ever wants to find love again, he's going to need to step things up. Nobody else should have to go through what Andi did! 


Image via joshmurray11/Instagram

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