JoJo's Season of 'The Bachelorette' Has Already Crowned Its First Villain

Without fail, every season of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette introduces a clear-cut villain, and the one JoJo Fletcher has to deal with is a total doozy. After Monday night's new episode, it became obvious that Chad is the latest Bach bad guy, and it's going to be a very interesting season. 


It all started during the second group date of the ep, when JoJo and the guys were playing games at the ESPN studios. In one of the games, Chad had to come up with a proposal for JoJo on the spot, and his simple invite to marry him was seriously unimpressive to everyone watching.

This, of course, led to a massive rant in which Chad ended up calling out the guys who act like they already have feelings for JoJo this early on. As Chad tells it, these guys can't give her an elaborate proposal because they know nothing about her yet, so he's just trying not to be fake. On one hand, he kind of had a point. On the other hand, he's just straight up rude.

Even more disappointing: Chad continued to act like a total d-bag for the rest of the episode, but JoJo totally couldn't see it. He's sweet to her -- and even delivered a touching story about his mother who passed away and left her dog to him -- but mean to the guys. Obviously, that means he's not a nice person period, right? 

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And then, right before the rose ceremony, Chad interrupted Evan's chat with JoJo to get more time with her and ended up getting totally chewed out for it, which isn't surprising since it's not like he's gaining any fans out of the other guys in the mansion. It's going to be a long season if all these guys hate him already! 

Ultimately, though, JoJo wasn't lying when she said she has a thing for "bad boys," and Chad stays. He's obviously bad for her, but we're kind of glad he's sticking around. What? He's definitely going to keep things interesting! 


Image via Rick Rowell/ABC

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