Reality Steve Opens Up About His 'Bachelor'-Spoiling Ways

If you watch The Bachelor, chances are you can't imagine watching the show without Reality Steve's spoilers. There's just one question on our minds: How is it possible that ABC keeps letting this happen?! Now, Steve is explaining where his Bachelor spoilers come from, and it actually makes a lot of sense! 


While talking to The Hollywood Reporter recently, Steve said that he doesn't get information from contestants, who seem to be the most obvious source. But people who actually go on the show are under strict contracts that put them at risk of being sued if they share what they know, so he gets his info from other places. 

Instead, the spoilers come directly to Steve from all kinds of sources, so basically he just has to wait until he gets info to his email and shares from there. 

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There's only one thing that would keep him from sharing his spoilers, and that's if ABC offered him enough money to keep his lips zipped -- but he doesn't expect that would ever happen.

"Everyone's got a price," Steve told the site. "It would be admitting that they were defeated and they can't control a one-man operation out of Dallas."

And honestly, we hope they never do. What would we do without Steve's spoilers?! Long live Reality Steve -- and we have a feeling he'll be around for a long time! 


Image via Craig Sjodin/ABC

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