Spiritual Healers Tell Larry King How They Discovered Their Abilities


The hotly debated topic of spiritual healing took center stage in a recent episode of Larry King Now.  Two spiritual healers took on a savvy skeptic in regards to their health practices.   Medical Medium” Anthony William and spiritual healer Bruce Gold explained the roots of their abilities -- specifically, where do these mysterious talents originate from?  


“It all started for me at age four,” so says William, upon discovering his spiritual abilities.  “I woke up one morning and heard a voice that was perfectly clear.   The voice told me to tell my grandmother that she had lung cancer.  So that’s how it started for me, and since then I’ve been the Medical Medium.” 

William recently sat down with legendary broadcaster Larry King to discuss his popular, yet controversial, alternative medicine practices.  He was joined by fellow healer Bruce Gold, who offered a somewhat different story upon unearthing his own spiritual abilities.

“I think it’s something that is within us all,” Gold states.  “We are able to share with each other, if only we are able to tap the source. The way that I tapped the source was during my near death experience which was really a harrowing ride on the 405 freeway here in Los Angeles.  During that ride I had all the symptoms of a fatal heart attack. My father had a fatal heart attack when he was 40 years old and I was in fear of following in his footsteps. Well, when I was on the freeway during this harrowing experience and having my left arm go numb, and my chest cave in, I experienced a feeling that...I didn’t know that I was able to help others heal. I see myself as more of a conduit for healing. That was when somebody, a third party told me, about a month and a half after my near death experience, that I embodied this gift, that I had this gift.”

Gold and William were also joined by skeptic Michael Shermer, whose practical approach on the contentious subject brought a conflicting view altogether. “None of this is going to work on cancer,” Shermer quickly broached.  He later clarified, “What I worry about is that it becomes an alternative where people say “I guess I don’t need to go to my doc anymore” because they have a spiritual healer.”  

Though Shermer expressed keen skepticism in regards to the practice of spiritual healing, Gold did offer an olive branch, of sorts.  “I hope there can be a common ground met,” Gold responded.  “Because there are discoveries every day, Larry, of interesting new things in science that are being discovered at all times and hopefully those things will come more to light then they have been.”

What do you make of the practice?  Is it a myth to you, or do you believe in it?   Watch the clip below, when Bruce Gold tests his abilities to heal one man’s shoulder injury in the Larry King Now studio.  

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