Jeremy Calvert Disses Leah Messer Where It Hurts the Most

Over the past several months, Leah Messer has been under the microscope where her parenting decisions are concerned as she fights with Miranda and Corey Simms over custody of her twins. And now, she's getting criticized from yet another source: Her other ex husband. Jeremy Calvert recently slammed Leah on Instagram, and even though he didn't mention her directly it's pretty obvious he's talking about her. 


On Tuesday, Jeremy posted a meme on Instagram referencing moms who are heartbroken to let their little ones go on the first day of school, and the kid saying that Mom wasn't sad to leave him when she went to the club. Ouch! 

Yeah, there's no way Jeremy isn't talking about Leah here. She's been  judged for her parenting so much lately, and Miranda and Corey have been open about how they think she's been irresponsible when it comes to taking care of Ali and Gracie. 

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Even so, this is still kind of surprising coming for Jeremy. Sure, he and Leah have had kind of a rocky relationship since their divorce, but they've always seemed to co-parent Addie well and lately, they've even been hanging out as friends. Where did this come from?! 

If this meme holds any truth, it's really sad -- and if not, we feel so bad for Leah. We have a feeling she could use a break from the judgment right about now! 


Image via jeremylcalvert505/Instagram

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