Jenelle Evans Shouldn't Feel Bad About Ditching Jace for Spring Break

She definitely taken flack for not being the most involved mom in the past, but this time, it doesn't seem like she could help it. Jenelle Evans recently ditched Jace's Derby race so she could go soak up some rays, and her mom was not happy about it.


In a clip for next week's Teen Mom 2, Barbara Evans asks Jenelle to be available on March 5, because Jace has a Boy Scouts Pinewood Derby race. Babs can't take him, because she has plans to go to New Jersey to visit Jenelle's sister Ashleigh.

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Unfortunately, Jenelle has to tell her mom that she's going to be gone that day, because she's had a trip planned for two months.

Barbara was upset, and blamed Jenelle for never being there for her son. It's an especially contentious issue because Jenelle has been trying to win custody of Jace back from her mom for years, after signing it over when she wasn't ready to be a mom at 17. 

In all fairness, it looks like Jenelle's trip was a sponsored event to South Padre Island, Texas, which is how she makes money to pay her bills. It's not like you can back out of work events at the last minute, even if it is for your kid's Derby race.

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Jenelle took to Twitter this week after the clip was released to defend her decision. She posted photos of helping Jace get ready for his race, and added the caption, "Let me point out I did everything for Jace's derby I could do."


It would be easy to blast Jenelle for not being there for Jace at the event, but it hardly seems fair, given that she doesn't have custody of him. She can't just be on-call for him for whenever Babs needs her to take care of him -- she has her own life too.

If Jenelle had custody of Jace, she may have made a different decision about accepting the spring break gig. It's not fair to say she was a negligent mom because she made plans during a time she didn't know that she would have the opportunity to see him.


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