From Cult Classics to Must-See TV, Here Are 13 Shows & Movies to Stream in June

Chiristina Applegate, Don't Tell Mom the Baby Sitter is Dead

It's a new month, so you know what that means: Out with old and in with the new -- on Netflix, Amazon, and HBO Now, that is. But, beware, we're dropping a ton of undoubtedly good stuff on you this go round -- no pressure! There's ample time to get through everything you want to watch, as the summer isn't technically here yet. (It's a shame we don't still have summer vacation, right?). 


Since the weather is getting warmer by the day, we certainly don't expect you to indulge in everything new to streaming this June with binge-watching immediacy. But it's certainly time to start adding these to the queue, because you just won't want to miss these 13 movies and shows coming to one streaming network or another. 

You're going to get everything from throwbacks to sexy leading men -- and hot men basically are synonymous with summer, if you ask me. 

June 1

Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead (HBO Now/HBO Go)

I guess this is what happens when you leave your children in the hands of a pretty old babysitter. When a mom decides to go to Australia for the summer sans kids, it's only a matter of time before her eldest, Sue Ellen (Christina Applegate), finds that things are much better when moms are around. This is a classic, if you ask us.

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Independence Day (HBO Now/HBO Go)

Watch Will Smith as Captain Steven Hiller kick some alien a** in this dramatic account of our favorite summer holiday -- the Fourth of July. And if you haven't seen it, now is certainly the time considering the sequel -- Independence Day: Resurgence -- comes out on June 24 with Liam Hemsworth. Swoon.

Ocean's Thirteen (HBO Now/HBO Go)

George Clooney plays a royally pissed-off Danny Ocean, who is out for blood when a Casino owner (Al Pacino) plays him. (Clearly he had the wrong one.) The making of a good mobster/gangster movie, amiright? Well, some great eye candy if nothing else. 

American Gangster (HBO Now/HBO Go)

Denzel Washington brings Frank Lucas's story to life with this chilling account of his coming up as a American drug lord back in the 1970s. This is legitimately one of my favorite gangster tales, right next to Goodfellas (so you know I'm a credible source of cult crime classics).

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Runaway Bride (Amazon Prime)

Boy (Richard Gere) meets broken girl (Julia Roberts). Boy wants to fix broken girl (with his everlasting love). But what does he do when he's spun a crazy web of bullsh*t on his mission to uncover the truth about the "runaway bride"? This:

Six Degrees of Separation (Amazon Prime) 

A couple invites a young man, Paul (Will Smith), into their home under the bogus lie that he knows their children from school. After the truth comes out, they go on to find that he's kinda sorta everywhere (not in a stalker way) but within their circles, and there's not too much separating them. And, no, Kevin Bacon is surprisingly not in this film.

Wayne's World (Amazon Prime) 

Wayne (er, Mike Myers) and his best bud are two do-nothing type of guys who are presented with the opportunity to make their show Wayne's World a mainstream television hit. It's the perfect summer escape.


June 3

The Rules of Attraction (Amazon Prime)

A pre–Vampire Diares Ian Somerhalder is really all you need to know about this one. (Oh wait, that's just me. Sorry.) Essentially, it's about a love triangle, but a little dirtier and far more shady -- as a drug dealer, a virgin, and a bisexual connect. 

June 11

Scandal: Season 5 (Netflix)

Our girl Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) gives the gladiators and everyone around her a run for their money this season. As someone who's seen the season finale, I can say that the season doesn't disappoint, although Olivia certainly does -- as most of the season is spent with her team questioning her newfound ethics. Still worth a stream, though.

June 17

Orange Is the New Black (Netflix) 

It's the moment we've been waiting for since the week of June 12, 2015 -- when we finished bingeing the last season. The ladies of Litchfield are back like they never left and navigating the prison halls like never before with a new influx of prisoners. 

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June 18

Ted 2 (HBO Now/HBO Go)

Watch this ridiculous friendship between Ted (short for teddy bear, duh) and childhood bud John (Mark Wahlberg) unfurl as Ted gets ready to walk down the aisle. 

The Boy Next Door (HBO Now/HBO Go)

You would think Jennifer Lopez would've had enough of playing the woman who falls for the psycho, but clearly bad habits are hard to break in movies, too. Anyhow, her character, Claire, falls for a disarmingly charming teenager and -- long story short -- sh*t gets real. A cautionary tale to say the least. 

June 20

The Good Wife: Season 7 (Amazon Prime)

Catch the final season of this hit series that found Alicia (Julianna Margulies) navigating through life's sh*t storm as a "good wife." And, yes, it's totally cool to binge, if only to find out why many considered the end to Alicia's journey widely unsettling.



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