Chelsea Houska Shares Sweet Throwback Pic From Aubree's Baby Days

All the kids of Teen Mom 2 are absolutely adorable, and they were even cuter when they were still tiny tots instead of the big kids they are today. But we've gotta hand it to Aubree this time -- she may be the cutest TM kid ever. On Wednesday, Chelsea Houska shared the sweetest throwback photo of Aubree, and we can't handle it! 


In the pic, Aubree has to be under a year old. She's wearing a pink outfit and staring into the camera with those big blue eyes. She's total Gerber baby material, and it's no wonder her mom wanted to show off this photo! 

It's hard to believe the baby in this pic is already in elementary school! It seems like just yesterday that this was the baby we watched Chelsea learn to take care of on Teen Mom 2 every week. She's grown up so fast! 

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Aubree has always been cute, but this photo takes the cake. And looking at that face, it's easy to see the big kid she's become, with her glasses and her sense of humor and all the love in the world for the people in her life. We can't wait to watch her grow even bigger. 

In the blink of an eye, Aubree will be graduating from college and getting married. Okay, maybe not that fast, but still! We hope Chelsea is cherishing these moments with her little one. Before you know it, they're gone!


Image via chelseahouska/Instagram

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