Aubree Lind Asks Adam Lind Why He Wasn't There for Her -- It's Heartbreaking

Anyone who watches Teen Mom 2 on a regular basis probably isn't surprised when Adam Lind bails on his parenting duties anymore, but his latest mistake might just be his most heartbreaking. In next week's episode of Teen Mom 2, Aubree asks Adam why he bailed on her father/daughter dance, and she's looking for answers. 


In a new clip from MTV, Aubree is at a weight lifting competition, cheering on her dad before he wins a trophy for deadlifting. It's a sweet moment, until Aubree shatters all our hearts in a million pieces when she asks him why he didn't go to her dance.

The reason: He was busy preparing for the competition. So wait, working out was more important than making it to Aubree's dance that's specifically for fathers to attend with their daughters? Okay, Adam.

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Aubree is obviously disappointed, but she seems happy when Adam tells her he'll come have lunch with her instead. It's a nice compromise, but it's still a bummer that he prioritized his competition over his daughter's happiness.

This is another reason why we're so glad that Chelsea Houska found Cole DeBoer. If you follow her on Instagram, you already know that Cole took Aubree to the dance in Adam's place and they made a pretty adorable pair. 

Sigh. Will Adam ever get it? Probably not, but for Aubree's sake, we hope so.


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