Adam Lind Swears He's Changed Despite the Evidence to the Contrary

File this one under Things We've Heard Before. Adam Lind recently insisted that he's turned his life around, despite the fact that this week's episode of Teen Mom 2 showed him ditching 6-year-old Aubree's school's father-daughter dance.



Thankfully, Chelsea Houska's fiancé Cole DeBoer was able to come through for Aubs, but it was still really hard for everyone (viewers included) when Adam ultimately didn't show up to the affair.

Maybe in anticipation of the episode airing on Monday night, Lind took to social media to wax poetic about how much he has really changed in recent years. Or maybe months. The time line is unclear, but Aubree and Paislee's dad insists that he really has changed -- and he credits his current girlfriend for the personal growth.

His current girlfriend, whom he has apparently cheated on. Are we really that surprised? Maybe only because he admitted it.

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According to The Ashley's Reality Roundup, Lind posted a long message on his personal Facebook page talking about how much he's failed, but also how it's all in the past now. He wrote, "[Stasia Huber] has saved my life more than once ... Mentally and yup ... Physically too."

He didn't elaborate on exactly how she physically saved his life, but he did acknowledge that he's done her wrong. He continued, "For all the stupid mistakes I've done and caused I don't even deserve her ... I've cheated ... I've lied ... I've hid things from her that should've been told..."

He also admitted that he's blown through hundreds of thousands of dollars, stating that he hasn't "lived a normal life from the age of 16-25," which we're sure will help with Chelsea's child support case against him (insert eye-roll here).

Anyway, Adam also confessed that he "could've been a better father and friend and man ... But ya know what ... It's made me who I am today ... After all the shit I've been through the ups and downs ... She's always been there ... Always..."

He concluded that he has finally gotten his life together, working out at the gym, buying a four-bedroom house, and continuing to fight for custody of Aubree.

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"Stasia has been through it all with me ... She loves my children and they love her," he wrote, adding, "Big things coming in the rest of 2016 ... I love you Stasia Lynn..."

While we really do hope for Aubree's sake that he has turned his life around and will do better in the future, it's kind of hard to believe when he can't even show up for the father-daughter dance.


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