Andi Dorfman Comes Clean About Her Relationship With Chris Harrison

For every season of every Bachelor show that Chris Harrison remains single, we get a little sad for the guy -- he's honestly kind of a catch, and he deserves love just as much as all the fresh, young Bachelors and Bachelorettes do. So, strange as they were, we were kind of here for the Chris Harrison/Andi Dorfman love affair gossip. Our hopes might be dashed for good, though -- Andi finally spoke up about her rumored relationship with Chris, and the news isn't great.


Andi talked to USA Today about her advice for JoJo Fletcher and her new tell-all book. Here's what she let slip about Chris:

He's actually a very good friend of mine. I talk to him on a regular basis ... I tell him he's the last man standing of my season.

And with that, all of our hopes and dreams are crushed.

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We dunno, though -- part of us doesn't really believe it. Like, you've seen the Instagrams:

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Like, "they don't come any better than you"? "Distance makes the heart grow fonder"? "Favorite booboo"? Ew to that last one, but you get the picture. They luuurrve each other.

Or, maybe not. It was kind of a weird thought to begin with (is it sad we still see Chris as the dad figure to all the people on the shows?), so maybe, this is for the better. Plus, this means Chris is still a bachelor, so he's technically open to be THE Bachelor. 

And that's something we'd really, REALLY like to see.


Image via andi_dorfman/Instagram

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