Juan Pablo Joins Another Reality Dating Show ... Eees OK!

We haven't seen the last of him yet! Juan Pablo Galavis just scored himself an acting gig -- on yet another reality dating show. The former Bachelor star will appear in Breakup Breakdown, a new show from comedy studio Más Mejor.


The series premise is to retell people's horrendous dating experiences and breakups, complete with reenactments of how things went down. It cuts interviews of the subjects with the footage of the actors playing out the scenes.

JP plays a role in Patty's story, and it was filmed in Los Angeles on April 25. He plays Patty's overprotective brother, and we're not sure we would have recognized him immediately, thanks to his new longer locks.

In one photo from Us Weekly, the 34-year-old is seen admonishing Patty, complete with a finger point in her direction. That's how you know he means whatever he's saying to her, by the way. Nothing says seriousness like a good finger point in your face.

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In another photo, he's smirking at her will she's on a laptop, which could mean anything from I told you not to online date to What did you expect to find snooping around on his computer?

We'll just have to watch to find out! We are certain of one thing though -- if Juan Pablo is going back on a reality dating show, we're thrilled it's as an actor, and not as a contestant trying to find love. 


Image via Splash News

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