Adam Lind Ditches Aubree's Father-Daughter Dance & Breaks Chelsea Houska's Heart

Bring on the tears! Monday night's episode of Teen Mom 2 was full of emotions for all of the girls, as the struggled with everything from health issues to coparenting problems to crumbling marriages. It was definitely a roller coaster for those of us watching -- we can only imagine what Chelsea Houska, Jenelle Evans, Leah Messer, and Kailyn Lowry were going through.


Chelsea Houska started the episode preparing for a father-daughter dance at Aubree's school. The 6-year-old asked if she could invite both of her dads (Adam Lind and her soon-to-be stepdad Cole DeBoer) to the event, which turned out to be fine. Adam, however, was a no-show.

While it was so sad to watch Chels get upset at Adam's lack of involvement in their daughter's life (not to mention Aubree's disappointment), we're so happy that Cole was there for her. The best part was that he seemed to have the time of his life, and it clearly wasn't just him doing something because he thought he had to do it. He's a good man, that one.

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Leah Messer was also having issues with her baby daddy, Ali and Aleeah's father Corey Simms. They've been working out the custody situation in recent episodes, and now have equal parenting time with the girls. But it looks as though Corey's wife Miranda has been a bit overwhelmed since giving birth to baby Remi, and Ali in particular has been suffering from it.

Ali complained that her backpack was too heavy for her to carry, and that Miranda wouldn't help her, because she was carrying a baby. Normally this is something that happens in any situation where older kids are expected to start doing more things for themselves after a new little sibling comes along, but Ali has special needs thanks to her muscular dystrophy. Leah was crushed to see her girl's needs not being met, and we were too.

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Jenelle Evans was busy dealing with her undiagnosed (at the time of filming) health issues, and feeling spurned by her mom, Barbara Evans. The last time Babs came over, Jenelle's boyfriend David Eason ended up calling the cops on her after they got into a yelling match about who was watching the kids while Jenelle was locked in her bedroom.

Jace and Kaiser's mom has been dealing with painful health problems, and broke down crying on the phone with her mom, wondering if she had MS. Poor Jenelle -- her life seems to be in a constant state of chaos, and we hope that she finds some peace soon.

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Then there was Kailyn Lowry, who got into a painful exchange with Javi Marroquin, who has been deployed overseas for several months, with no definite time line about coming home.

Kail was obviously frustrated with him, and he was with her too. Even her ex, Jo Rivera, and his fiancée Vee commented that Kail seemed different ever since Javi left. We're really hoping these two can work it out, but sadly feel that it's only a matter of time before they announce a split.

Then again, we've been wrong before.


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