JoJo Fletcher Gets a Big Shock During 'Bachelorette' Premiere

Two weeks ago, the list of this year's Bachelorette men was released and we got a first look at who JoJo would be dealing with this season. Honestly, there weren't really any surprises -- it was a normal number of guys with a normal amount of weirdness among them, and we haven't seen any on the show so far. So we figured we were in for a pretty straightforward season until ABC released a sneak peek of tonight's episode, and revealed there's a surprise suitor who sneaks up on JoJo during the rose ceremony


Don't get excited, though, because they (obviously) don't show who it is. We got excited, and that was a mistake. So we're warning you now.

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JoJo describes him (her? Nah, probably him) as "interesting," but that's as much as we've got. So who could it be?!??

Ex-Bachelor stars Juan Pablo Galavis and Josh Murray have both tweeted about possibly maybe rejoining the show for JoJo (ugh and ugh, respectively), but we're kind of hoping it's neither of them. If it HAS to be, we'd rather see Josh, but still: Hard nah to both of them.

It could also be JoJo's ex, Chad Rookstool -- apparently, he and JoJo got back together after she was done filming The Bachelor/got dumped by Ben Higgins, and he was pretty salty when she left him to be the Bachelorette. This could be his romantic comeback? Or something?

Or maaayybe it's not romantic at all? Maybe the mystery man is one of JoJo's brothers, dropping by to stir up drama? Honestly, we'd love that. We vote for this one.

We'll find out soon. Like, SO SOON. We can't wait.


Image via joelle_fletcher/Instagram

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