Maci Bookout's Wedding Details Have Been Leaked

Maci Bookout has a busy few months ahead of her! Not only is she welcoming baby number three literally any day now, but she's also planning her wedding to longtime boyfriend Taylor McKinney. And now, it seems more of Maci's wedding details have been revealed -- just not by her. 


As Starcasm has pointed out, there has been some massive drama with her wedding photographer and another client, and now, the photog is airing all that laundry out on Instagram, along with a few key details about Maci's big day.

As the photographer, Brittany, says, Maci asked her to shoot her wedding when she'd already committed to another client, but eventually, she ended up dropping the other client in favor of Maci. She says she has her reasons, but it seems a little shady!

Something amazing about self-employment as an artist is that if a client disrespects you, you simply refund them their money in full and wish them well. You're an artist, not Walmart. You answer to your heart and your soul and to nothing or no one else. I recently had a new client who was both a bride and a workshop attendee that I believed to have ill will toward me, bad intentions, and an overall lack of respect for me. In general, she just didn't like me. But she wanted my talent for her wedding images and for me to mentor her to become a photographer herself. She booked me in November for her wedding this coming October and attended my February workshop. A week before the workshop I found out that a dedicated client turned friend of mine wanted to book me for this young woman's wedding date. I turned my client and friend down politely because I felt the responsible thing to do would be to keep the first bride on my calendar. The following two and a half months this bride and workshop attendee crossed some lines that I've never even imagined a client or someone I've mentored would cross. I felt so deeply that she was using me and had ill feelings for me that I felt physically sick about it at times. A couple of weeks ago my old client and friend who still wanted me to photograph her wedding began telling me again that if I couldn't photograph her wedding, she didn't want anyone else. That not only was I the only photographer she would consider using, but that she also wants Madison and I at her wedding as her friends. So here I had a client that has treated me so well and shown me such respect asking for a wedding date seven months away that was taken on my calendar by a client who ultimately just didn't even like me, much less respect me. The client requesting the wedding date also happened to be a high profile client whose wedding would be a good business opportunity for me in addition to her being a friend and past client. The rest of this story is continued in the comments.

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Oh, and according to the calendar on Brittany's website, she'll be in Tallahassee in the beginning of October. And since she said in a previous IG post that Maci's getting married in October, it seems reasonable to assume that's Maci's wedding date and locale.

Drama aside, all we care about is that the MTV cameras will be around to capture all of the action. If Jayde is the flower girl, we need to see it -- and we need to see what Bentley and his new little brother get up to, too. 

Hopefully this photographer mess doesn't put a damper on Maci's day. She deserves something magical! 


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