Fans Are Freaking Out Over Chelsea Houska's Latest Cosmetic Procedure

Well that just got weird. Chelsea Houska indulged in a little Botox over the weekend, and even admitted on social media that her party got a little strange when her dad took out his Botox needle and got to work on her face.


The South Dakota stunner took to her brand-new Snapchat account to share pics of her party over the weekend. She and her fiancé Cole DeBoer hosted a BBQ on Saturday and indulged in food, games, beer, and more with their friends and family.

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But Chels posted this photo of her dad Randy Houska (who is a licensed dentist, by the way) injecting her forehead with some Botox, and some fans were seriously upset by it.

The BBQ just took a weird turn #botoxparty @paparandlicious @jeremylcalvert505 @coledeboer @cgrace13 @brittneeshort

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There was also a more graphic photo on Snapchat, but we're going to choose to concentrate on her perfect cat-eye makeup instead of the blood droplets.

Just in case you were wondering about that guy who looks like Jeremy Calvert in the background ... that's because it is Jeremy Calvert. Leah Messer's ex travels a lot for his job as a pipeliner, so we're assuming that he was just passing through and wanted to hang with his Teen Mom 2 homies. Addie's dad also posted his own photo to commemorate the occasion.

Haha what a face @chelseahouska

A photo posted by Jeremy Calvert (@jeremylcalvert505) on


But back to the Botox. After getting comments on the cosmetic enhancement, Papa Randy took to Twitter to defend his daughter, and remind people that it can prevent wrinkles from forming the first place.

Hey, whatever makes you happy and feeling good about yourself, right? Besides, she's got a wedding coming up shortly -- we don't blame her for wanting to look her absolutely radiant best!


Image via chelseahouska/Instagram

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