Jenelle Evans Shows Off Her 'Healthy Weight Gain' in New Bikini Photo

Lately, rumors have been rampant about Jenelle Evans expecting another baby, but what if they really aren't true? She's tried to put an end to the rumors so many times over the past few weeks, but this time, she may have actually managed to convince us! Now, Jenelle is denying her pregnancy with a bikini pic -- and it's working.


As the story goes, numerous reports have surfaced that Jenelle is expecting baby number three with boyfriend David Eason, but every single time, she has insisted that she's not planning to have any kids anytime soon. Jenelle says she's only gained happy weight, but fans aren't buying it.

And then came this picture, which pretty much speaks for itself: 

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If Jenelle was actually pregnant, there would be a baby bump there, right? It does look like her explanation of just gaining happy weight and not going to the gym as much could be true from this photo. She still looks awesome, even if she's not quite as ripped as before. 

Of course, there's always that chance that this is an old photo, but we'll trust Jenelle on this one. Plus, if she's really hitting the gym these days -- and if we know Jenelle as well as we think we do -- she'll be posting progress photos as soon as she's sporting abs again. More proof!

Time will tell, guys. Don't get too worked up about a potential Jenelle pregnancy though. More than ever, it seems like these rumors really are false! 


Image via j_evans1219/Instagram

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