Josh Murray Offers a Cryptic Response to Andi Dorfman's New Book

This week, something major happened for former Bachelorette star Andi Dorfman. Her first book, It's Not Okay, hit stores, and she divulged a lot of secrets from her time as the Bachelorette and beyond -- especially about how emotionally abusive her relationship with Josh Murray was. But now, Josh has responded to Andi's book, and it sounds like he's denying everything she said.


On Tuesday, Josh shared an Instagram post featuring a photo of him and his mom with a gorgeous mountain behind them and a very telling caption. Seems like Josh is all about getting back up when people in his life "knock him down." 

We're not sure what to believe, but we can't imagine Andi would write anything that wasn't true in her book. After all, wouldn't she get caught in her lies pretty quickly? We can't blame Josh for defending himself, either -- what else would he have done?

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It's crazy to hear everything that happened in their relationship from Andi's point of view, especially since we never would have guessed that they fought so often just from seeing them interact on social media and during their public appearances. If only all Bach couples would fill us in with this much detail! 

And no matter whose side of the story you believe, if you love reading behind the scenes stuff from the Bachelor franchise, you'll definitely want to check her book out. Totally worth the read!


Image via joshmurray11/Instagram

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