Adam Lind Refers to Himself as the Devil in Cryptic Instagram Post

Did Adam Lind just say something nice about Chelsea Houska? The Teen Mom 2 resident bad boy posted a cryptic yet somewhat poetic sentiment to his Instagram this week, and it's quite possibly the nicest thing he's said about any of his exes.


Take a look at this quote, and try to guess who he's talking about.

Dance with me babe ...

A photo posted by Adam Lind (@adamjoelind) on

It's no secret that Adam hasn't been the greatest guy in the world. He doesn't pay his child support, and has only supervised visitation with Aubree, 6, his daughter with Chels. We certainly know she thinks he's the devil -- and she has every reason to feel that way.

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But is it possible Adam's talking about her here? If so, it's probably one of the nicest things he could ever say about her -- that she chose to believe in the good, rather than focus on his douche baggery faults.

Then again, it's probably about whichever girl he's involved with these days. After all, it really is more about him than anything else. Besides, if it were about Chels, it would be a really sweet thing to say about her ... and while change is possible, we highly doubt that Adam has made it that far.


Image via adamjoelind/Instagram

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