Javi Marroquin All but Accuses Kailyn Lowry of Cheating on Him

With all the rumors that have been swirling lately, we're seriously worried about Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin. More than ever, it seems like their marriage could be coming to an end, especially now. Javi is calling Kail out for a sketchy text message, but there's a chance it's not what it seems.


While Kailyn FaceTimed with Javi on Teen Mom 2, fans could see that she swiped away a text from someone named Tyler Hill while they were talking. And of course, these same fans took a screenshot of the image to send to Javi, and he was not pleased. 

"Oh, interesting. Same guy from last season," Javi responded in a since-deleted tweet, according to RadarOnline.

But if you ask Kail, it's totally not a sign of her cheating. In fact, if she's to be believed, Tyler's just her friend from school, nothing more. And now, she's even speaking out to the site to clear her reputation.

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Kail told Radar:

Tyler Hill is my best friend from school. I didn’t sleep with him! You didn’t see emojis next to his name. Tyler has the same major as me. We have the same classes together. We’ve even filmed together.

Being that Javi has seemed a little too jealous on the show before, we're inclined to believe Kail, although obviously she's the only one who knows the truth. Maybe she's not cheating. Maybe those fans should give her a break.

And like Kail says, there's a chance that his deployment is "messing with his head." Whatever is going on, we hope Javi gets to come home soon. We have a feeling he needs to talk to his wife, face-to-face. 

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