Adam Lind Is Clearly Trying to Convince Everyone He's Dad of the Year

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Let's face it: Adam Lind isn't exactly father of the year, especially if you ask Chelsea Houska. But maybe he's finally trying? This week, Adam shared a photo of him surprising Aubree at school, so either he's trying to convince us he's a good dad or he's actually becoming one. 


In the pic, which Adam shared on Instagram Wednesday, he and Aubree are in her school cafeteria, having lunch. Aubree looks pretty thrilled to be with her dad, but isn't she always?! It's a sweet pic, even if we're not sure Adam's intentions are pure. 

After the way he came off this season of Teen Mom 2 -- like when he shared an inappropriate pic of Aubree, or had her and Paislee hanging out with a known sex offender -- it's about time he logged some extra dad hours to make the difference! 

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And let's be a little optimistic. Maybe Adam has turned over a new leaf? This could be the beginning of a really awesome relationship with Aubree, and we know that would make her really happy.

Besides, there's always Aubree's stepdad-to-be, Cole, to fill in if Adam disappears. But Adam definitely gets points for this lunch surprise. Good call, Dad! 


Image via adamjoelind/Instagram

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