Leah Messer Angers Fans With Her Latest Parenting 'Mishap'

We think everyone can agree with us when we say that being a mom isn't easy. Then, add in a camera crew, the pressure of an ongoing custody battle, and the fact that you're raising three little girls by yourself, and it sounds just about impossible -- and even so, Teen Mom fans aren't about to let Leah Messer off the hook. On this week's episode, Leah let Addie eat icing, and her fans are not happy. 


On Monday night's new episode, Leah and her mom, Dawn, were trying to have a conversation when Addie interrupted by opening up the fridge and climbing in to get something. As soon as Leah realized she wanted the jar of chocolate icing, she reached in and handed it to her. She hesitated for a second, even asking her mom if that would be okay for her to eat, and soon enough Addie was happy as a clam with her icing at the kitchen table. 

But that split-second decision -- which truly doesn't seem like a big deal at all -- has landed Leah in some hot water with her fans. As The Hollywood Gossip reported, immediately the tweets started rolling in, all concerned about how unhealthy this was for Addie. 

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Here's the thing: Like we said, being a mom is hard work. Sometimes, you win the battle and your kid has some celery and peanut butter for a snack. Sometimes, you let the kid be a kid and give her icing and a spoon. As long as it's not an everyday thing, it may not be worth the battle, and from Leah's reaction, it didn't look like it was. 

Besides, we have a feeling Leah's haters are just jealous. Who doesn't want to sit down with a nice big jar of chocolate icing once in a while? 

It's become a pretty regular thing for Leah to receive criticism on her parenting choices via social media, so we have a feeling she's used to it by now. Hopefully, that means she doesn't let this get her down too much. She's been through enough already!


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