Chris Harrison's Days on 'The Bachelor' Could Be Numbered

When we think of the Bachelor franchise, we immediately think of Chris Harrison. What would the show be without him at the helm?! Unfortunately, it seems like someday we may have to find out -- and that someday could come sooner than you think. Recently, Chris revealed he'd like to retire soon. What?! 


In a new interview with Entertainment Tonight while promoting JoJo Fletcher's upcoming season of The Bachelorette, he revealed that he wants to hang up his suit and he already has an idea of who his replacement could be. 

"I've decided I would like to retire very soon," he said. "So, my son and my daughter, it's like Hunger Games. They're vying for my job. I would like one of them to take over soon." 

The good news? Chris was probably joking. The bad news? This is a reality we may have to face eventually if the show outlives Chris's career!

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Maybe Chris will stay in his role until his son really is old enough to take over? That would be adorable. If not, when the time comes, we hope ABC will find a suitable replacement who will be able to fill Chris's shoes. Not everybody is capable at commanding rose ceremonies and helping wrangle up all those contestants, after all. 

Our fingers are crossed that Chris leaving the show is something that we don't have to deal with for a long time. We couldn't imagine how different The Bachelor would be without him. Never leave us, Chris!


Image via chrisbharrison/Instagram

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