Leah Messer's Custody Drama Just Got Even More Frustrating

If you thought the custody battle between Leah Messer and Corey Simms was over, think again! It seems like these two still have a lot of fighting left to do. On Monday night's episode of Teen Mom 2, Leah and Corey found out they're headed back to court, and their battle is far from finished.


In a huge victory, Leah was finally granted joint custody with Corey ... until Corey decided that's not going to happen. He had Leah served with papers saying that joint custody isn't a thing in their state, so they have to go back to let a judge make yet another final decision on the state of their agreement. 

Leah was understandably frustrated, and can you blame her? She did what she needed to do to get her girls back, and now that she and Corey have them 50/50, it should be all good, right? Not according to Corey!

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In the episode, Corey told his dad that he doesn't expect their co-parenting to work since it hasn't worked the entire time they've been split up ... and he might have a point.

The bright side: Corey and Leah both love their girls enough that they both want to keep them safe and spend as much time with them as possible. That's a silver lining, right?

Hopefully, there's an end to this battle soon. It can't be good for Ali and Aleeah to keep having their schedules switched around, and it's not good for Corey or Leah to go through this emotional turmoil, either. Fingers crossed they're able to find an arrangement that works for everyone soon! 


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