Jenelle Evans's Boyfriend Accuses Her Mom of Child Abuse

Good luck explaining this one away! This week on Teen Mom 2, we finally got the lowdown on what happened when the cops were called to Jenelle Evans's house when she and Babs got into some sort of altercation -- and it's even worse than we thought.


At one point, Jenelle's boyfriend David Eason even accused Barbara Evans of child abuse. Definitely not a pretty situation.

Jenelle and David were at home with the kiddos, when Babs came to pick up Jace (she's had custody of her grandson since shortly after Jenelle had him as a teen). The 6-year-old was outside in the front yard with David's daughter and at least one other child, with nary an adult in sight for supervision.

Yet the whole scene ended with Babs being accused of child abuse. Babs came inside the house, wanting to know where her daughter was. Meanwhile, Jenelle had barricaded herself in her bedroom, which caused her mom to scream at David that he was holding her hostage.

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She clearly had no love for Jenelle's new man, yelling at him, "Call the police! You live here, and she pays all the bills like every other guy!" David took it really well, and accused Babs of screaming-related "child abuse" before calling the cops.

We're just going to go ahead and assume that David isn't dating Jenelle because he's a Teen Mom superfan, because if he was, he'd know that Babs basically has one level -- loud. Jenelle and her mom have definitely had their screaming matches issues over the years, especially regarding custody of Jace, but we'd hardly call it child abuse.


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