Tyler Baltierra Opens Up About His Drug Use on Twitter

It's definitely been speculated that certain members of the Teen Mom cast have used or experimented with drugs, but there's one who's willing to be honest about his experiences! Recently, Tyler Baltierra opened up about his drug use, and even admitted that there's still a certain drug he's doing today. 


The conversation got started over on Twitter, when fans asked Ty about it. He didn't shy away from the truth, and it wasn't long before he and his followers were engaged in a full-on debate about marijuana use, and why some people seem to prefer it to drinking alcohol.

For the record? Tyler admitted he smokes pot "whenever I have free time," and definitely seemed to be advocating for using it and other drugs responsibly. He said: 

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Then, he also admitted that he's experimented with harder drugs in the past: 

Where most people would clam up when the topic of drugs comes up, it's interesting to see how Tyler would be so honest about the drugs he's done and still does. We just wonder what Cate has to say about all of this! 

And speaking of Cate, we do hope that Tyler's very, very responsible about whatever he's doing, and making sure that above all else, Nova is safe. We couldn't take it if anything bad happened to this adorable family!


Image via tylerbaltierramtv/Instagram

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