Amber Portwood's Drastic New Look Will Make You Do a Double Take

Amber Portwood has been known for changing up her look (especially her hair color) from time to time, and now, she looks different once again. In a new selfie she shared this week, Amber looks totally unrecognizable, but she still looks gorgeous! 


If you follow Amber on Twitter, you already know that she got a new haircut last week. And now, in honor of her birthday, Amber is showing off her bright blonde locks with a new makeup look that totally changes the look of her face.

Is it just us, or is this look really working for her? She may not look much like the Amber we know and love from Teen Mom OG, but you can't deny that hairstyle definitely suits her.

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Amber's been through a lot lately, so we're glad to see she's doing okay. Dealing with Matt Baier's custody issues -- and the fact that he seemingly lied to her about how many kids he truly has -- couldn't have been easy for Amber to deal with. We're glad it didn't get in the way of her enjoying her birthday! 

Plus, no matter what, she always has Leah, who gave her this super sweet card to mark the day: 

Happy birthday, Amber. Hope your day was awesome!


Image via amberlportwood/Twitter 

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