15 of Kailyn Lowry's Best Mom Moments

Nicole Pomarico | May 18, 2016 TV

Kailyn Lowry might be a capable mom of two these days, but since she became pregnant with Isaac at 16, we've seen her overcome a lot of obstacles. From experiencing homelessness to being a single mom and everything in between, Kail is pretty amazing, and Isaac and Lincoln are lucky to have her. 

Click through for some of Kail's best parenting moments. Seeing her grow up on 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom 2 has been awesome, and she has a lot of reasons to be proud of the woman she is today.


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  • She Created Her Life on Her Own


    When we first met Kail, she was living in Jo's parents' house, even after they broke up. It was obviously not an ideal situation, but she got out of it by finding her own apartment and working hard -- and ultimately, that was the best decision for baby Isaac. 

  • She Became Friends With Vee Torres


    It was really hard for Kail to make peace with Vee Torres after she and Jo began dating, especially when Kail felt Vee was setting a bad example for Isaac. But now, that's all water under the bridge, and she and Vee are friends. Lucky Isaac, since he loves Vee too! 

  • She's in School


    Kail's college experience has been a long one, but we give her props for doing what she needs to in order to give her kids an awesome life -- especially while she's taking care of them by herself while Javi is deployed! 

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  • She Graduated High School


    Not an easy task for anyone, let alone a new mom! 

  • She Moved to Delaware With Javi


    It caused major problems with Jo at the time, but Kail moving to Delaware with Javi was the best thing she could have done for her family. Javi ended up with a good job, and Jo ended up moving there later, too, so it all worked out for the best, even though it was difficult.

  • She Keeps Her Kids Involved in Activities


    Kail loves hanging out with her kids, but she makes sure they have plenty of time to hang out with other kids and develop their own interests -- Isaac especially. These days, he's taking karate, but he's also super into soccer. We can't wait to see what Lincoln is into when he gets older! 

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  • She Defended Her Breastfeeding


    Moms get shamed a lot for their choices to breastfeed (or not breastfeed) and when and where they do it, but Kail isn't willing to stand for it. In 2014, Kail stood up for herself when she was criticized for feeding Lincoln during a book signing. She's right -- Lincoln doesn't care if Mom is busy, he wants to eat! 

  • She Rehomed Her Dog


    A couple of years ago, Kail had to make the difficult choice to rehome her dog because he was violent toward Isaac. Obviously, it's a super sad situation and a really hard thing to do, but for Kail, safety comes first. 

  • She Chose the Right Stepdad for Isaac


    Although Kail and Javi's marriage is a little rocky right now, you can't deny that Javi's relationship with Isaac is adorable. Isaac obviously loves him so much, and even though he doesn't see his dad every day, it's clear that Javi's a pretty good father figure for him to lean on. 

  • She Always Helps Isaac With Schoolwork


    Kail has always been there to help Isaac with homework, and we have a feeling she'll do the same for Lincoln when he's older. Anyone can see from watching her on the show that she loves being a mom. 

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  • She Takes the Time to Play


    No matter how hectic her life is -- like the life of a mom who goes to school and takes care of two kids can be -- she always takes time to play with her kids, and that's important.

  • She Explains Her Decisions to Her Boys


    We've seen it on Teen Mom 2 dozens of times: One of her boys will get in trouble, and Kail will tell them to stop ... but she'll also explain to them why, which is a step a lot of moms skip. 

  • She Encourages Her Boys to Get Along


    It doesn't happen often, but when Isaac and Lincoln fight, Kail always makes sure they make up right away. With how close they are as kids, they're on the right track to having a built-in best friend for life. 

  • She Never Badmouths Jo in Front of Isaac


    As many times as Kail has complained about Jo to Javi, it's rare that you hear her say anything bad about him in front of Isaac. It must be hard to do, but it's good she keeps that line drawn. 

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  • She Always Makes Her Kids So Happy


    Seriously, when are Isaac and Lincoln not smiling? Kail is an awesome mom, and we hope she knows! 

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