15 of Chelsea Houska's Best Mom Moments

Nicole Pomarico | May 16, 2016 TV
15 of Chelsea Houska's Best Mom Moments

It's crazy to compare the Chelsea Houska we met on 16 and Pregnant with the one we know on Teen Mom 2 today. After struggling to get her GED, graduating cosmetology school, and finally getting over Adam Lind for good, she's grown up to be a strong, capable lady -- and most importantly, an awesome mom. 

She may have started young, but Chelsea has had so many great mom moments that we don't doubt for a second that Aubree is so lucky to have her. We couldn't be happier for Chelsea now that she's finally marrying Cole DeBoer, but even without him, she's a stellar parent. Here are some of her best parenting moments ... and plenty of adorable photos of Aubree. 


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  • She Graduated From Cosmetology School


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    When Chelsea was pregnant with Aubree, she had to drop out of high school to take care of her newborn properly -- a big obstacle many of the Teen Mom stars have faced. But she didn't let it stop her from getting her GED and graduating from cosmetology school, helping her to give Aubree the best life possible.

  • When She Ended Her Relationship With Adam Lind


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    As much as it had to suck for Chelsea at the time, ending her relationship with Adam was one of the best things she could have done for her daughter. In the time they were together, anyone watching the show knows that Adam treated her poorly. And even though he's Aubree's dad (and Aubree clearly adores him), their relationship would have set a terrible example for what Aubree should expect when she's old enough to date. 

  • She Chose the Best Stepdad for Aubree


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    Could you imagine anyone better to join Chelsea and Aubree's family than Cole DeBoer? He's super sweet to Aubs, seems to love spending time with her, and even included her in his proposal to her mom. 

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  • When She Got to Know Taylor & Paislee


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    As upsetting as it was for Chelsea to imagine Adam having a kid with someone else, she eventually put her own feelings aside so that Aubree could have a relationship with her little sister. Chels might be young, but that's proof of how mature she really is. 

  • She Makes Sure Aubree Grows Up Surrounded by Animals


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    Dogs, a pig ... what more could Aubree want ? From the looks of her furry friends, it seems like Aubree's childhood is made even better by learning to play and take care of her pets. 

  • She Puts Her Foot Down When Adam Messes Up


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    As much as Aubree loves Adam, Chelsea knows when it's time to put her foot down -- especially when he's putting her in unsafe conditions. Over the last couple of years, Chelsea has been making moves to adjust their custody agreement after Adam drove around with Aubree in the car after being charged with a DUI. Chelsea stops at nothing to keep her little one safe, no matter how hard it is. 

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  • But She Still Tries to Get Along With Adam for Aubree's Sake


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    And this is no easy feat, because even from watching his life play out on the couch, it seems like Adam is a tough dude to get along with.

  • She Always Makes Time to Play


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    There's never a shortage of quality time Chelsea spends with Aubree, especially when snowmen are involved. 

  • She Disciplines Aubree Even When It's Hard


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    Chelsea has admitted that she hates disciplining Aubree -- especially knowing how people who watch the show might react to the way she chooses to parent -- but it looks like she's doing a pretty good job. Aubree is a happy kid, and even though she gets crazy sometimes, all kids do! 

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  • She Makes Filming the Show Fun


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    It's hard enough to get your kid to behave -- add a camera crew, and we can't even imagine the challenges that presents! But Chelsea finds creative ways to make filming fun, like when they decorated Aubree's mic pack.

  • They Create Their Own Traditions


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    Even when she was super young, Chelsea never let a holiday go by without starting her own traditions with Aubree. At Easter, they always decorate eggs, and they're always carving pumpkins around Halloween.

  • She Always Takes Aubree on Adventures


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    If you follow Chelsea on Instagram, you already know this. They're always having so much fun! 

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  • She Always Wants the Best for Aubree


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    And she's always done everything she can to get it for her. Aubree is a lucky kid! 

  • She's Not Afraid to Let Things Get a Little Messy


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    After all, isn't that when the real fun happens? 

  • She Loves Aubree So Much


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    No matter what else you think about Chelsea, you can't deny one thing: In her family, there's always love. 

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