Barbara Evans Gives Us #LifeGoals With Hilarious Story About Getting Back at Her Cheating Ex

She's done it again! Barbara Evans recently shared a story about breaking up with her ex-fiancé Mike, and we have decided that we want to be her when we grow up. Babs didn't just give Mike the boot after he cheated on her -- she filled his underwear with itching powder.


She is clearly the best, and deserves a medal just for existing.

Jenelle Evans's mama has been through her share of heartbreak, which we've seen glimpses of on Teen Mom 2 over the years. When the series started, she was living with her fiancé, Mike, but they ended things a while ago.

Babs recently revealed to Radar Online that it was not an amicable split, and she got back at him in the best way possible for cheating on her multiple times. 

"The reason I broke up with him is because he cheated on me three times," she confessed to Radar. "I thought he was one in a million. He was good to my kids. They considered him their stepfather."

That reason, combined with her inability to pay rent on her own, made her decide to stay with him after the first couple of times she caught him cheating. As they say though, the third time's the charm, and that's when she ended it completely -- and added a nice little gift of retribution to his clothes that she packed up for him.

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"The third one, that was it," she shared. "He said he was moving out. I said, 'I will pack your clothes.' ... I drove to Myrtle Beach in the pouring rain with Jace in the car to get itching powder ... I bought 12 packs."

She continued, "I put it inside his clothes and inside his T-shirts ... I sprinkled it in there. The guy said, 'The more you sweat, the worse you become.' I put it in his underwear and I folded it up nice and neat. He didn't know. That was in 2012."

All we have to say is that it serves him right, and we kind of adore Barbara Evans right now. 


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