Here Are The 26 Men Who Will Be Competing for JoJo Fletcher's Heart

It's T-minus two weeks until The Bachelorette begins and that means it's the most wonderful time of the year: It's time to meet the men. ABC just released the photos and bios of the 26 men who will be competing for JoJo Fletcher's heart, which means we finally get to blindly judge them based solely on their faces and on their careers. 


And this group of guys is prime for judging: Among the firefighters and consultants, there's also a "hipster," an "erectile dysfunction specialist," and a "Bachelor superfan." 

After reading through it all, we can firmly conclude that we are SO ready for this season to start.

Here's a rundown of occupations and ages, but ABC has the full list of their (very stellar) bios. (Highlights include Jordan, who ranks "Try to hang a TV on the wall without directions or a stud finder" as the wildest thing he's ever done in the bedroom, and Chad, who's greatest achievement to date is "being born good looking." We've never been more ready for a season of television to begin.)

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Anyway, that list:

Alex, 26, U.S. Marine

Ali, 27, bartender

Brandon, 28, hipster

Chad, 28, luxury real estate agent

Chase, 27, medical sales representative

Christian, 26, telecom consultant

Colin "Coley," 27, real estate consultant

Daniel, 31, male model

Derek, 29, commercial banker

Evan, 33, erectile dysfunction specialist

Grant, 28, firefighter

Jake, 26, landscape architect

James F., 34, boxing club owner

James S., 27, Bachelor superfan

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James Taylor, 29, singer-songwriter

Jonathan, 29, technical sales representative

Jordan, 27, former pro quarterback

Luke, 31, war veteran

Nick B., 33, electrical engineer

Nick S., 26, software salesman

Peter, 26, staffing agency manager

Robert "Robby," 27, former competitive swimmer

Sal, 28, operations manager

Vincent "Vinny," 28, barber

Wells, 31, radio DJ

William "Will," 26, civil engineer


Image via joelle_fletcher/Instagram

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