Javi Marroquin May Have Just Confirmed His Split With Kailyn Lowry

After watching how many issues Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin have experienced in the past season of Teen Mom 2, it seemed like a breakup was imminent, and then, he got deployed. Now, the rumors about their relationship are worse than ever, so what's the truth? Javi may have just confirmed that he and Kail are getting divorced on Twitter, and now we don't know what to believe! 


At first, he tweeted something pretty cryptic that seemed to be 100 percent confirmation of a split: 

Seems obvious what he means by that, right? But then, he followed it up with a bit more of an explanation. He wants everyone to chill out, because those are just Drake lyrics and he's excited to go see him perform in concert. But let's be real -- who tweets lyrics that don't have at least something to do with what's going on in their life? Hmm.

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Then, to complicate matters even more, Javi added this: 

So whether Kail and Javi made it work or if they're getting divorced, it's all being filmed for Teen Mom 2, which makes sense since we just got confirmation the show's coming back for another season. The good news? We'll find out what's going on eventually. The bad news? There could be a bit of a wait.

Either way, everything Kail and Javi have been through lately is a lot, and if it involves a divorce, they've got a tough road ahead of them ... especially for poor Isaac, who is so attached to Javi. Here's hoping they've decided to do whatever's best for their family. They don't deserve to be unhappy!


Image via javim9/Instagram

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