Chelsea Houska Drops Another Hint That She's Already Married to Cole DeBoer

MTV might not be happy about this! Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer might already be married -- with nary a film crew in sight. The Teen Mom 2 couple already ruffled feathers with the network when Cole proposed last fall without letting them know, and they reportedly were at odds with MTV over whether or not they'd be filming their wedding.


Which is why it makes sense that the two may have already tied the knot, away from the prying eyes of the public.

A few weeks ago, Cole posted a photo on Instagram referring to Chels as his wife (though oddly enough now it's been edited to say "wife to be", and of course we went nuts. But it could be that he was just trying out the sound of it, right? Who doesn't practice saying husband and wife when they're engaged?

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But then he did it again this week, alongside a super cute pic of Chelsea napping with their pet pig Pete.

That's the second public reference to his "wife" Chelsea! She's apparently joining the matrimony bandwagon too, by casually mentioned her "hubs" is this adorable video of Cole trying to get her attention.

When you're trying to watch TV but your hubs wants attention @coledeboer ��

A video posted by Chelsea Houska (@chelseahouska) on

Normally we'd just chalk it up to playfulness and getting ready for the actual event, but Chels and Cole are so notoriously shy of being in public, we could totally believe that they've already walked down the aisle.

Either way, we couldn't be happier for them, and hope they eventually share some photos!


Image via coledeboer/Instagram

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