Amber Portwood Just Ran into Major Money Problems

Starring on Teen Mom usually comes with a pretty hefty paycheck, but we tend to get distracted thinking about the cash and forget about the downside: hefty taxes to match. And when you don't pay on your own, the IRS will make sure that you do. Reportedly, Amber Portwood owes more than $130k in taxes, and Uncle Sam wants his money!


According to what Indiana's Madison County Recorder's office tells Radar Online, the IRS put a tax lien on Amber in February, and so far, no records show that she's paid her bill. Yikes! 

The actual amount that she owes comes out to $134,919. That's a lot of digits on that total! If Amber doesn't pay off the money soon, it could really hurt her credit score, among other things, making it really difficult for her to make her dream of flipping houses come true. 

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This news is just the latest in a string of events that have added up to Amber having a pretty rough 2016 so far. Aside from her ongoing battle with her ex Gary for more time with their daughter, Leah, Amber has also been dealing with the stream of reports about her fiancé, Matt Baier, that have recently hit the news. Poor mama! 

Here's hoping she gets this sorted out soon. Taxes suck, but the consequences of not paying them on time suck even more! 


Image via MTV

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