Fans Freak Out Over the Size of Ali Fedotowsky's Baby Bump

After how long she's waited to be a mom, we were super excited for Ali Fedotowsky when she announced she's expecting earlier this year, and even more excited once her bump started showing. But apparently, some fans think Ali doesn't look pregnant, even though her baby is due to arrive in the next few weeks. 


It all started when Ali shared a photo of herself on Instagram over the weekend. In the pic, she's sitting at a table eating brunch outside, wearing a fitted red dress that many fans think makes it look like she's not pregnant at all.

Ali definitely looks amazing -- we can't argue with that -- but don't worry, she's also definitely pregnant. Ali may have been blessed with a bump a bit smaller than a lot of mamas have, but this time, what you're seeing is kind of an optical illusion. 

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Need proof? After reading the response to her photo, Ali posted another photo, showing how angles and the right outfit can conceal her bump, or at least trick your eyes into thinking it's not there.

See? All good! We can't wait to meet Ali's little one, who should be arriving soon. Good luck, Ali!


Image via alifedotowsky/Instagram 

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