Leah Messer's Relationship Status Just Got Even More Confusing

Leah Messer is pretty open about her life on Teen Mom 2, but there's one area that's seemed a little murky to us: Her love life. Is she getting back together with Jeremy Calvert? Is she still dating TR Dues? Now, the answer to these questions just got even less clear. Apparently, Leah may have confirmed she and TR are back together. What?! 


The confusion stemmed from Leah's recent tweet claiming that certain couples are meant to be together. She didn't explain whether she's talking about her own life or speaking more generally, but it seems safe to assume she could be referencing her current relationship status. 

So why does it seem like that particular tweet could be about TR, rather than one of the other men in her life? Wetpaint pointed out (via a tweet from a fan) that TR recently shared a photo straight from a bathroom in Leah's house.

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Well, we're officially more confused than ever. If Leah's really dating, we wish she would confirm it herself -- not that we blame her for wanting to keep certain parts of her life private, of course. She does tend to get ripped apart on social media no matter what decisions she makes. 

And whatever she's doing, we just hope it's in the best interest of Ali, Gracie, and Addie. Between their mom's ups and downs and the custody battle with Corey, those kids have been through a lot lately!


Image via leahdawn92mtv/Instagram 

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