Adam Lind Accused of Photoshopping His Naked Selfies

He'sthe gift that just keeps on giving. Adam Lind has been accused of photoshopping his naked pictures to make himself appear (ahem) bigger. Like we needed another reason to think Adam's just a big ol' fake.


The Teen Mom 2 star has been working on his goal of becoming a famous personal trainer, and has shared a plethora of nude photos of himself along the way.

Radar Online enlisted the help of a Photoshop expert to analyze some of the pics and give us a breakdown what's real, and what probably isn't.

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Here's an example of what Chelsea Houska's ex has been posting to Instagram over the past several months. Thank goodness he's not entirely in the buff here, but we still feel like we'd like a little bit of brain bleach.

Photo-editing expert Barry Allen says that it appears as though Lind has enhanced this snap, along with several others. The weirdest part is that Adam is apparently insecure about the musculature in his forearms, because that's where the heaviest editing seems to have happened. 

"Wood trim starts in one place and ends somewhere else. These photographs are extremely suspicious given the complete mismatch in those lines," explained Allen.

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He added that camera angles tricks might be part of Adam's selfie arsenal too. He said, "In one picture, his forearm looks tiny ... What happened here? In the other picture your arm was like Popeye the Sailor!"

Sounds fishy to us, but honestly -- nothing this guy does really surprises us anymore.


Image via adamjoelind/Instagram

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