Fresh Meat & New Threats Make Season 4 of 'Orange Is the New Black' Look Real AF

As we get closer to the season four premiere of Orange Is The New Black, Netflix continues to tease us with its latest trailers. Of course, in only a month we will find ourselves barred into our bedrooms, binge-watching to get the latest from Litchfield Prison. While season 3 ended on a lighthearted note, things were expected to get real in anticipation of the inevitable influx of prisoners headed to Litchfield -- and this preview shows just how real we can expect things to become in June. 


Typically, I'd find myself asking what drama Piper caused. While she more than likely played a part in stirring up trouble, the trailer isn't all about her (despite what she may think) and the impact of yet another screwup. Instead it's an insightful glimpse into how the ladies are transitioning with their new, overpopulated "for-profit prison."

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Safe to say, it's not going all that well for many of our favorite ladies. Some of the most comically crazy characters, like Pennsatucky and Lorna, prove to be down and out -- contemplating the difference between "pain" and "suffering," trying to stay out of solitary confinement, and keeping themselves off the radar of those who intend to "bury" them. This takes place as they each count down the days left of their (seemingly infinite) sentence.  

While some of our other favorites, like Bursette, are nearly MIA (as she's still holed up in the SHU), we get a slight glimpse of her outer appearance transforming due to her lack of hormones. This may ultimately undo any sympathy fans may have gained for Caputo in the previous season. And, as if they haven't got it rough enough with all the super shady sh*t that goes down with the prison guards, it seems that the new hires aren't fans of our favorite ladies in the slightest bit -- making their hatred of the girls more known than ever. Yikes.

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So, while we're not completely sure of what the future holds for the ladies of Litchfield, we're certainly hoping that it's not total doom and gloom -- as the trailer portrays. We won't get the dirty deets for another month or so, but we know we'll be tuning in with our fingers crossed. 


Image via Netflix US & Canada/YouTube

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