Jenelle Evans Accuses MTV of Shady Editing to Make Her Look Bad

This girl cannot escape drama -- and if she tries, MTV will apparently manufacture it for her. Jenelle Evans claims that MTV edited a scene in Teen Mom 2 to make her look bad during a fight with her mom, Barbara Evans. The edit went so far as to have some fans wondering if Jenelle fell off the straight and narrow and started using drugs again.


She's long been the notorious bad girl of Teen Mom 2, but over the last couple of years, Jenelle has more or less cleaned up her act. Which is why she was particularly upset over the film editing by MTV, which made it seem like an argument with her mom got to her more than she claims it did in real life.

In a clip for next week's episode, Babs comes over to Jenelle's, only to find 6-year-old Jace outside playing with David Eason's daughter and another kid or two. Jenelle and David were locked up in her room, and Babs even accused her daughter's boyfriend of holding her hostage.

The whole thing ended with Jenelle looking forlornly at the camera, after calling to Barbara several times to just leave her alone. From the editing, it looks like Jenelle was possibly on drugs, and not wanting to face her mother because of that.

The mom of two claimed that was not the case, however. "That's bullsh*t! They edited it to make it look like they filmed me," she explained this week to Radar Online. "They didn't film me at all that day," she added.

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Apparently, Jenelle hadn't even agreed to film at that moment, which is why she couldn't be seen on camera. She said, "I didn't even give them permission to come inside my house. They used a different scene from a different day to make it look like they got my reaction to my mom but that is a lie."

We may never know exactly what happened during this particular fight with Jenelle and Babs, but it's totally believable that MTV would add some B-roll footage of Jenelle looking upset. It's just sad that fans would accuse her of being back on drugs without a shred of evidence. She's far from perfect, but she's worked really hard to get herself clean, and she deserves some credit for that.


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