Barbara Evans Accuses David Eason of Holding Jenelle 'Prisoner'

It's practically a standing Teen Mom tradition that Barbara Evans has never been a fan of Jenelle Evans's boyfriends, but her hate for David Eason could set a new record! Recently, Babs and David got into a fight so bad the cops were involved... and it was even captured by the MTV cameras. 


It all goes down in this week's new episode of Teen Mom 2, and in case you can't wait 'til Monday night, there's already a new clip from the ep to tide you over. And after what happens, we can't wait to see the situation in full -- and how Barbara and David will possibly ever get over this, if he and Jenelle stay together. 

In the clip, Barbara goes to Jenelle's house and finds Jace and David's daughter playing outside without a parent watching, only to discover that Jenelle, David, and Kaiser are locked in a bedroom. Um, weird? 

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Then, Barbara and David get into a full-blown fight when she accuses him of "imprisoning" Jenelle, at which point David tells her to leave. And since Barbara doesn't leave, it seems like he decides to call the police, but we won't know for sure until we see the whole episode. 

Barbara and Jenelle have had some nasty fights, and so have Barbara and Jenelle's many boyfriends (remember the good old Kieffer days?). But this one seems pretty bad, and we hope they're able to patch things up. No matter how often they argue, Barbara and Jenelle love each other... even if they're not the best at showing it. 

Hopefully, this weird behavior from Jenelle and David doesn't affect Kaiser and Jace. They've been through enough! 


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