11 Life-Changing Lessons I Learned From Watching TV

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Growing up, you encounter many different types of parents through your friends -- from the super cool ones (the type we hope to be!) to the uptight types who couldn't chill if you sat them in an ice bath. And there's always that one parent -- the one who has to enforce the "no TV" rule. I'm not talking no TV during dinner; I'm talking no TV whatsoever. And, in my opinion, those kids really missed out.


While my mother always gave me flack for putting in more TV time than homework, she never took it that far. And I'm so grateful, because honestly, there's so much to be learned from TV.

Here are the 11 most crucial lessons that TV taught me. 

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1. Spelling is way important.

Major shout-out to Gwen Stefani because I no longer have to google the proper spelling for bananas. But that's not much of a surprise, since shows like Sesame Street helped us get most all of the alphabet down pat -- with, of course, the occasional help of our grade school teachers.


2. The buddy system will save your life, EVERY TIME.

Scary movie after scary movie has proven that one of the first people to go down is the one who wanders off alone. Do yourself a favor and don't. 

Let your kids watch a scary movie or two -- you know, to truly harness the power of this lesson. 

3. Death is inevitable.

Final Destination had a nice run and great impact on my life when it came to learning some of the ins and outs of death -- ultimately, it canNOT be escaped. When it's your time, it is indeed your time.


4. If it seems too good to be true -- it probably is.

The lesson so many romance movies have revealed: He might be married or a stalker -- but not the real deal. 

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5. Everyone should pull his or her weight (makes for better team work).

One of the most basic lessons came from Barney -- "clean up, clean up, everybody, do your share." It's helped me along in life quite nicely. 

6. What's meant to be will be. 

The Notebook's Ally and Noah (along with all of our other cheesy romantic movie duos) taught us this one. In life, anything or anyone who's truly deserving of your space and energy will always come full circle with you -- if it's truly meant to be. 

7. How to tell time -- because digital is just not the same. 

Pure, evil genius -- who knew telling time could be fun?  

8. Bad boys are just misunderstood. 

Selena Gomez once admitted she has a thing for the bad boys -- and, heck, who doesn't? It's an age-old affliction and, quite frankly, there's always a good story behind a bad boy. I'd like to say we all get at least one in a lifetime, but I think it would be safer to say a handful -- they're just so damn sexy, mysterious, and full of fun (for now). 


9. Women can be sexual.

That makes them just that -- not slutty, not un-ladylike, not anti-feminist. They're sexual. 

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10. Say no to drugs.

All those D.A.R.E. commercials did their damn job -- scared the living crap out of me. I don't want "scrambled egg" brain.

11. Girl drama never ends. It just takes a passive-aggressive turn for adult women. 

We all know children can be cruel, but girls are in a league of their own (think Mean Girls, Bring It On, and just about every other teen movie). The whole time in high school, I thought the Regina Georges of my life were just a phase. But nope, they exist in the real world -- or don't you watch one of the million Housewives spin-offs? These girls never change. There's always a catty person trying to rain on your parade.

So you see, there's something to be said for all that TV time over the years, as it certainly paid off big-time -- especially during the trying teenage years where I'd listen to virtually anyone but my mother. 


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