Leah Messer & Corey Simms's Custody Battle Is Far From Over

From start to finish, Corey Simms's custody battle with Leah Messer over their twin girls has been one big mess, and now, it's getting even messier. Apparently, Corey doesn't want to have joint custody with Leah, and it's making their battle even worse.


If you've been keeping up with the drama with their legal fight, at first, Corey was named primary custodian to Ali and Aleeah, swapping roles with Leah. Then, Leah asked for reconsideration, and won 50/50 custody with Corey. And now, it sounds like he's not pleased. 

In a new clip from next week's episode of Teen Mom 2, Leah finds out that Corey filed papers to state that joint custody isn't a thing in West Virginia, and he wants primary custody back. And as you can imagine, Leah is not amused.


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While talking to her sister, Victoria, she admits that she thought things were getting better with her and Corey ... until she received these new papers. Leah says in the clip: 

If you're both good parents, there should be nothing wrong. But then he says that he should be the primary custodian because they go to school in his district and whatever else. Okay, I do everything so maybe I should be the primary custodian.

Just in case you thought this custody battle was over, it seems far from it. Here's hoping it comes to an end soon. Poor Ali and Aleeah don't deserve all the back and forth! 


Image via MTV

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