Jenelle Evans's Mom Babs Is Getting Her Own Reality Show -- We Can't Wait

Can't get enough of Barbara Evans on Teen Mom 2? Have no fear, because Jenelle Evans's mom just landed her own reality dating show. As one of the most colorful personalities of the Teen Mom franchise, we can't wait to see Babs on her quest for true love.


Bae for Babs will be a four-episode web show to supplement the current season of Teen Mom 2. Each installment will feature Babs going on a different blind date in search of a boyfriend. Or as Jace and Kaiser's grandma would say -- a "booooooooyfriend!"

After splitting from her main man Mike a few seasons ago, Barbara has struggled with loneliness, which no doubt has affected her willingness to give Jenelle back custody of her 6-year-old son. Maybe this is a good sign for Jenelle that she's finally going to get Jace back?

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In fact, in a clip from MTV, Jenelle said that she thinks it's good that her mom is getting out there, because after she gets custody of Jace back, she's going to need someone to talk to, or "she's going to talk to herself in the mirror."

As for Barbara -- she is more than ready. She revealed, "My kids don't even ever consider me having fun ... So I'd like to have a little more fun in my life before, you know, I die."

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It's up in the air whether or not Babs will find true love, but one thing is certain -- this is going to be must-see web TV.


Image via MTV

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