Kailyn Lowry Gets in on the Lip Injection Craze

Since finding fame on MTV, a few of the Teen Mom stars have made a hobby out of altering their looks with plastic surgery, but lately, it seems like Kailyn Lowry has really been into it. So what's her newest adjustment? Recently, Kailyn got lip injections, and they've made a big difference in her appearance. 


So what was the first piece of evidence? Last week, while Kail was in LA, plastic surgeon Dr. Susan Evans Snapchatted a photo with Kailyn in her office, and Kailyn had much larger lips than we're used to seeing on her. And when Kail did a Facebook chat with CBS on Friday, the difference was even more obvious. 

This isn't too surprising, since Kailyn has been all about working on her appearance lately. In fact, earlier this year she also got a Brazilian butt lift while she was in Miami, so 2016 has been a year of changes for her so far!

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So far, fans have pretty mixed opinions about Kail's new look, and some of them aren't very nice at all. In fact, people have taken to Kail's Instagram to share their thoughts ... the good, bad, and the ugly.

So what's our take? If getting these procedures is making Kail feel happy and confident in her own skin, good for her! We just hope she isn't feeling the pressure to be perfect on TV. The reason we love Teen Mom is because it's real, right?

Plus, we have a feeling Isaac and Lincoln love their mom no matter what she looks like, and that's what matters most!


Image via kaillowry/Instagram 

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