Farrah Abraham Starts a New War With Blac Chyna

Anyone who watches Teen Mom knows that Farrah Abraham always has a lot of opinions, but we never knew she had one this strong about the future Mrs. Rob Kardashian! Recently, Farrah picked a fight with Blac Chyna on Instagram, and it's all because of Beyonce's latest album, Lemonade


Last week, Blac Chyna posted a video on Instagram of herself listening to a track from the album, "Sorry" -- aka the song that calls out "Becky with the good hair." And apparently, Farrah wasn't impressed by the video. So unimpressed, in fact, that she had to drop a racist comment on the post. 

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So what did Farrah say? There are now too many comments left on the post to load Farrah's, but according to Radar Online, she said, "f*ckin' monkey. Ewe sh*t come up 4 what she is nothing." We're not sure we understand most of that comment, but we know it's totally uncalled for.

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Regardless, we have to know what Farrah's deal is. Why doesn't she like Chyna? Have they even met in person? Maybe Farrah just doesn't want to share Queen Bey's new tunes with anyone.

Maybe this is related to her Nicki Minaj feud from earlier this year ... or it has to do with something different entirely. We may never know, but one thing is for sure: Farrah should probably keep the racist comments off social media. Not cool!


Image via farrah__abraham/Instagram

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