Ben Higgins & Lauren Bushnell Pack on the PDA Like It's Their Job

If you've been mourning in these quiet post-Bachelor months because you deeply miss the opportunity to watch Ben Higgins awkwardly kiss girls, we have two pieces of good news for you. First, you're not alone. Second, you're saved: Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell attended the iHeartCountry Festival over the weekend and awkwardly kissed their little hearts out.


To some, this looked like your run-of-the-mill honeymoon phase PDA. To others, it looked like a last-ditch effort to convince the world they're not actually on the verge of a breakup. 

To us, it just looked gross. In a loving kind of way.

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As much as we believe their love to be real and pure (or, at least somewhat pure), it always sucks to have to read rumors about their impending breakup and their secret hatred for each other. 

So even if their PDA is a little bit gross, we'll take it -- any shred of evidence that they're still happy together is fine by us.


Image via AdMedia/Splash News

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