Jenelle Evans Puts Her Boyfriend in the Middle of Her Custody Battle With Nathan Griffith

On Monday night's episode of Teen Mom 2, one custody battle came to a close just as another began to heat up. Leah Messer and Corey Simms finally agreed on a co-parenting plan, while Nathan Griffith finally saw an attorney about getting full custody of Kaiser after Jenelle Evans had her boyfriend supervise his time with his son.


Jenelle hadn't let Nate see Kaiser in weeks, after he took him out of state without her consent on his last visit. She also claimed that Nathan had no baby gear anyway, so how could he take care of their son? Upon her lawyer's advice, Jenelle let Nathan see Kai (in order to hopefully convince his girlfriend Jessica to drop the charges against her), but it didn't go exactly as he expected.

In order to avoid any sort of contact with her ex-fiancé, Jenelle sent her live-in boyfriend, David Eason, to supervise the visit. Nathan clearly wasn't okay with that, so he consulted a lawyer about getting full custody. She declared the whole situation to be a total mess, and we couldn't agree more.

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Meanwhile, Corey and Leah went to court over custody, and came up with a plan together that they both seemed happy with. They decided on joint custody of twins Ali and Aleeah, and it was nice to see them agree to try and communicate more, and hopefully stay out of court from here on out. Good job, guys!

Chelsea Houska also dealt with lawyers this week, for a hearing regarding Adam Lind's child support. He's been moaning for years that he doesn't have more than supervised visitation with their daughter Aubree, but true to form, he couldn't be bothered to show up for the hearing. Chelsea predicted that he's going to be pissed to hear that his child support requirement went up significantly.

On the plus side, Chels also got to take a mini road trip with her fiancé Cole DeBoer and a coupe of friends to look at wedding venues. It's getting closer, and we're so excited for her we can hardly stand it!

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It was a sad time for Kailyn Lowry, whose hubby Javi Marroquin just deployed for a six-month stint overseas. They got to FaceTime, and it was sweet and sad to watch Lincoln and Isaac missing on him and telling him how much they loved him. Things still don't seem like they were all the way better between Kail and Javi, but she was completely concerned for his safety when he mentioned ISIS, so we're calling that a good sign. Rumors abound that they're splitting up, but we're still rooting for them.


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